Sunday, March 23, 2014

No More Crib!

This past week my boys room has gone through drastic changes. We gave our crib to a friend and Nick transitioned to the toddler bed as though nothing had changed. I had planned on keeping Nick in the crib as long as possible and I knew that time was up when climbing out became more of a game instead of going to sleep. Getting rid of the crib got rid of the games and bedtime was easier!

The next step was getting Chris in a bed.  Being my first I coddled him a lot.  He cried I would run and snuggle and that evolved to him coming downstairs and eventually led to him just sleeping on the couch for over two years now.  It has always been my goal to get him to sleep in his room and since we got rid of the crib I figured this was the time.  I let him pick out the bed and the bedding.  He was SO excited.  I couldn't believe how excited he was about the new blue race car bed and the new monster truck bedding.  I was hopeful but still doubtful it would work.

His bed was finally ready we got new mattresses and I had Chris help me rearrange the room and then bedtime came and I got a flat out no and the tears started coming.  I couldn't force it so I let him sleep on the couch.  Again.  The next day I asked him why he didn't want to sleep in his cool new bed and he told me there were ghosts up there and they stare at him when he lays in the bed.  Um, yeah I'm scared lol.  I dropped the subject and then bedtime came again.  I asked him if he wanted to sleep upstairs and he said NO.  I then asked him if he wanted to take his Thomas flashlight with him and I got an enthusiast YES!  I couldn't believe it.  He grabbed his blankets and marched upstairs.  I told him to just push the button if the light went out and he said O.K. I love you mommy, good night. BITTERSWEET.

As I write this I miss seeing my baby sleeping next to me.  It is something I want but miss all at once.  It is his first night and I am hopeful he will still be up there in the morning.  I want him to enjoy sharing a room with his brother.  This is truly your first night in a big boy bed.  Love you.

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Hena Tayeb said...

that is so great..
we are having trouble with our first.. he was great with his crib.. then started jumping out and crawling into our bed.. after a certain time we got tired of taking him back to his bed over and over again.. so we let him sleep with us. then we did the whole pick out your own bed thing and i think it may have worked but we added another baby to the mix and now he is glued to me and any bed I sleep in..