Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Disney Side @Home Celebration!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post through MomSelect.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I was thrilled when I found out I was selected to host a Disney @Home Celebration.  My family is a huge fan of Disney and anything related to it.  I could barely keep my boys hands out of the box when we were unpacking everything.  There were tons of wonderful favors and gifts.  T-shirts for us to decorate, a beautiful Disney love print for all the guests, and tons of paper to print pics with HP and their website TwoSmiles.

My boys have their birthday together and we were already planning on a Disney theme of Cars.  Everyone came in their Disney attire and we celebrated the boys and took pics by a huge cars mural.  All the food had themes from Maters tater salad to iced tea (gasoline for your engines!) from Flo's V8-Cafe.  It was a blast and the boys were thrilled when they saw all of the awesome decorations.

Like I said we are huge Disney fans!  We have our very first family trip planned for September of this year.  You can check out our awesome countdown widget in my right sidebar.  Chris and I have both been to Disney world but it is Josh and Nicks first time so I am excited to see their reactions.  We have been to several Disney on Ice shows and are seeing our first Disney stage show this week!

So whether you have a trip planned to one of the fabulous Disney resorts in your future or just a Disney fan at home I hope that you can have a wonderful celebration as well.  Princesses, princes, pirates and fairies everywhere should be celebrated!  You can check out some fabulous ides and tips for planning your Disney celebration whether it is big or small at the Disney Side Celebrations website.  It is full of recipes, printable activities, games and more to help and inspire tons of magic.

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