Monday, January 30, 2012

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes on a Temporary Price Cut in store at Target

Now is a great time to stock up on Kandoo products at Target!

Now through Saturday, February 11, 2012 the best pricing on flushable
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• The 150-count package – which comes with a FREE TUB – is $1.00 off.
• The 400-count package has been reduced by 15%. At our local store,
we found this box for under $10!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Mom Inspired Driving Tips

Living in Chicago for nearly 30 years I have become very accustomed to the winter weather. Almost so much that I tend not to think about it and I can say I am not prepared at all. I admit I don't even have snow brush in my car. After what happened last year where hundreds of cars were trapped on Lake Shore Drive for hours I should be better prepared for anything even though I am in a big city. So here are 5 tips for not only you but me to follow:

1. Have proper winter equipment-snowbrush, ice scraper, small shovel are just some essentials. There have been times when I have even thrown the broom in my car because not only is it easier to brush the car off with but it is faster as well.

2. Keep an emergency winter kit in the car-extra blankets, snacks and bottles of water. Its probably a good idea to have snacks in the car anyways if you are a mom but even more so in the winter.

3. Keep a set of jumper cables in your car. Not savvy enough for jumper cables then there are also one time use jumpers that plud right into you cigarette lighter to get you going

4. Drive slowly and carefully. When it is snowing or sleeting go a little slower and take your time. It is easy to lose control when conditions are slick. My rule of thumb is to go with the flow of traffic so if everyone around me is going 20 miles an hour due to snow then so will I. Plus you want to make sure you keep a good distance between you and other cars. It is harder to stop in snow and ice and just because you may have 4 wheel drive and a snow plow the person next to you may have never driven in snow before.

5. My last tip is stay home! If weather conditions are bad and you don't have to go out then dont't. Especially if you have small children. It is hard enough traveling in the car with them on a regular day throw in a good snow storm and an extra two hours in the car and you have a tantrum waiting to happen.

Hopefully if I have not helped you to be a little more prepared and a little safer this winter season.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nicholas-A Birthing Story

I can't believe that my little peanut is already two months old today. This time last year I wasn't even pregnant yet. I decided that before I blink and he is already 2 years old I wanted to take the time to write about the day he arrived and my experience the second time I gave birth. His older brother, Chris, is now over two years old and it is something I never took the time to do. I must warn you though, if you are not interested in the gory details of giving birth then stop reading now!

First off let me start by saying I am not the type of person that is into a home birth or doing it naturally. It is great that there are so many options, I personally like the comfort of being in a hospital environment with doctors, nurses, and all the proper equipment should something go wrong. I also like being as pain free as possible. Wimpy? I don't care

My labor and delivery was very planned out this time and I have to say I loved it. Once I reached 39 weeks (I was due November 30th, 2011) my doctor asked if I was ready to have the baby or if I wanted to wait. With all of the constant heartburn and horrible acid reflux I was thrilled to be able to have an induction. It was the day before Thanksgiving and the doctor said I could come in Thanksgiving night to start the induction process. I couldn't believe it! The day after Thanksgiving he would finally be here. It was nice being able to plan everything and also being able to pick a long weekend so no one would miss out.

After Thanksgiving dinner my husband and I left Chris with my parents for the weekend and checked into the hospital. They quickly checked me in and hooked me up to the monitors and checked to see how far dilated I was. I was at 2 cm when I checked in at 10pm. After monitoring me for 30 minutes they started the pitocin. We were having our baby! I wanted to make sure I got my epidural right away this time so as soon as I was at 3 cm they obliged. Let me say that getting an epidural before you are in severe pain is a million times easier. I did not feel one bit of pain whatsoever the entire time. The labor seemed to be moving very slowly but it was progressing. Every time they checked me I was a little more dilated.

Around 6am my mom and sister arrived. My best friend Arwen had been there a majority of the night and of course my hubby Josh was there the whole time as well How he slept I have no clue. I wanted everyone to be here this time and the doctor said they could all be present for the birth. The nurse had me walking around to help me progress faster. The doctor also came in to break my water and by 7 am I was at 7 cm. At 7:15 I started feeling lots of pressure and they checked me again and low and behold I was ready to push! I could barely wait for them to set up the urge to push was so strong. As everything was moving so fast they suddenly decided only two people could be in the room. Two! I wanted all 4! This is my birth not yours but there wasn't time to argue a baby was coming so my mom and sister graciously left and allowed my bff Arwen and of course my hubby to stay.

After the first push his head was practically out and the doctor asked if I wanted to touch it, um ewe, no thank you. I just wanted him out of me! Then the doctor seemed worried his head was really blue and the cord was tightening around his neck as he was coming out. Josh was really looking forward to cutting the cord but that was not going to happen as the doctor calmly said she would have to cut the cord immediately. Thankfully he was fine and with one more push he was out. My baby Nicholas William Klein had been born at 7:50 am and was a whopping 8 lbs 9 oz. As soon as he came out the doctor placed him on my belly, again ewe, but also an incredible moment at the same time. The first moment you get to hold the little baby you have been carrying inside of you for the past 10 months is one of the most amazing moments ever.

You will always be my baby, I love you Nicholas <3