Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Glen Eden Resort ~ Spring Break Discounts

Well living in Chicago I can say I am thoroughly sick of winter, cold, snow and ice.  I am just plain ready for spring but I know that is not going to happen for another month or three so it is probably time to just embrace it and enjoy it!  I think being stuck in out house so much is the biggest part of the problem and after looking at the pictures of Glen Eden Resort I think I really could enjoy the snow.  I have been skiing in Wisconsin but it doesn't even come close to the scenery here.

The landscape is just beautiful.  If I have to be around snow this is where I would want to be.  The rooms look gorgeous as well.  The thing I love most about vacations in the wilderness is that the rooms tend to be very generous in their size which is a huge plus for my family and I.  I might not be ready for the long trek to Alaska but sure would love to check out Colorado from the comforts of Glen Eden resort.  The name says it all right!?

Spring Break vacationers who want to be off the beaten path but still close to a major ski resort look no further than Glen Eden Resort! 
Glen Eden Resort is a small resort just north of Steamboat Springs on the Elk River, in a ranching community where the cows outnumber the people. The resort has two and three bedroom accommodations, with fully equipped kitchens, living and dining areas. The main lodge hosts a restaurant and tavern, two hot tubs, and wifi. Once you walk out the door there is a wide variety of winter recreational opportunities such as snowmobiling, horseback riding, ice fishing, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing.
Last minute Spring Break Deals! Good until April 30th! Save 15% on two or three nights and 25% on four plus nights at Glen Eden Resort call 800-882-0854 for personalized service.

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