Monday, September 17, 2012

Disney Jr - Our Favorite TV Channel

Sometimes I feel guilty because yes, I use the television as a babysitter. But honestly I feel as though it is sometimes necessary. There are many days where it is just the kids and I since my husband goes out of town for work and I just need to do things like make dinner or prepare for the next day. An hour of television makes these tasks so much easier. I also love that if we are home alone it keeps the kids entertained while I am in the shower for ten minutes. I am picky about what I watch and I would say 99% of the time I turn it to Disney Jr. It has shows that are educational, entertaining, and age appropriate. I also love that they don't have commercials instead they show little skits like they will read a poem. Little Einsteins is one of my boys favorites. They participate in the entire show and I'll join in with them too!

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