Monday, May 25, 2015

Bluefoot Pirate Adventures ~ Discount

We just got back from a week of fun in Florida.  We spent the week on the beach with some activities in between and the sunshine was wonderful.  One of our excursions during our stay was to Bluefoot Pirate Adventures.  The boys were so excited to be going  on a real pirate ship.  I was excited to be going on a boat ride.

We booked a 1 pm cruise and arrived about 30 minutes early as suggested.  The pirates are waiting to greet you and provide some face, or in the case of my boys, arm painting.  They also provide you with pirate attire.  For an additional fee of $7 you can purchase a pirate sword, eye patch, and bandanna.

After everyone gets all their pirate goodies the kids are then taught the rules of being a pirate which I thought was adorable.  It is a super fun way for them to be safe since they are little and it is a boat.  They also teach them how to speak like a pirate which was fun but the kids quickly forgot.

Once on the boat Captain Chris put on a great show of entertaining the adults.  You learn about all the rich people that live in the area, and whether it is a yacht or a mansion he knows it all and it was very interesting.  It was my first sort of celebrity tour and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Plus there was a wonderful cool breeze in the back of the boat. 

The kids are entertained and kept busy by Pirate Rose.  She tells them the story of the treasure and the missing key.  The kids help direct the boat, and the best part is shooting the canons at the bad pirate, or occasionally anyone else that gets to close to our boat.

All in all it was a great time and a fabulous boat ride that I highly recommend if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area with children.  Can you tell how gorgeous the weather was?  If we lived in Florida I would definitely book these guys for my boys birthday party.  Chris wouldn't even take off his eye patch until bedtime.  This is a different one of a kind attraction that needs to be on your to do list.

Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventures children's pirate cruise in Fort Lauderdale. Where children and adults alike, come to experience the magic of a pirate cruise sailing in South Florida in search of treasure.

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