Thursday, November 28, 2013

Learn how to drive!

Living in the city of Chicago there are many horrible drivers.  Here are just a couple of errors I see people make a lot that really irritate me.

1.  If you are on a one way street and you want to turn left please be on the left side of the street!  Don't sit on the right side blocking me while I wait for you to turn left!

2.  If there is an ambulance, fire truck, or other emergency vehicle behind you honking it does not mean sit there!!  Even if the light is red move out of the way.  Proceed cautiously out of the way of the emergency vehicle in any way possible so they can get to their destination.

3. The signs that say stop for pedestrians are NOT stop signs.  They mean stop for pedestrians not stop in the middle of a busy street for no reason.

4. If you are in the left lane you may not turn right.  Especially if there is a car in the right lane!!

5. If you are in the left turn lane please pull up to the white line.  If you sit a car length or more behind the white line the left turn signal will not turn on as most signals are set to sensors in the ground.  PULL UP!

These are my 5 current pet peeves about driving that make me an angry driver.  I live on a street that requires a permit to park here and two weeks ago my block had no parking at all due to people parking without permits.  I called and had everyone ticketed.  I have lived her 7 years and never done this but I was pushed to my limits.  With over ten cars parked illegally when I pay to park here I was pissed.  

And don't expect me to let you in/turn when you are talking on your phone either.  If I see you on your phone I will intentionally not let you in.  

End of rant. 

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