Saturday, November 2, 2013

An Evening at Ringling Brothers Built to Amaze!

I was excited as soon as I heard we were getting tickets to Ringling Brothers Built to Amaze!  I have not been to the circus in about 15 years and always enjoyed it as a child so I was thrilled to see my boys experience it for the first time.  Aside from the boys it was also my husbands first time going to the circus.  Ringling Brothers did not disappoint!  The opening act was breathtaking with acrobats and clowns.  Chris was instantly mesmerized and his eyes didn't look away at all until the intermission.

My one piece of advice would be do not bring an almost 2 year old boy.  He liked the circus for about ten minutes and then just wanted to run around so the 2nd half daddy took Nick outside to do so.  Chris on the other hand was so excited to see the tigers, elephants, dogs and all the incredibly amazing acrobats,  The acts were amazing.  They can do things I never imagined possible and are something you need to see to believe.

Despite my energetic two year old we had a fabulous time and I highly recommend taking your kiddos to the circus.  It is an experience they will remember and enjoy and as we left Chris let out his energetic "the circus was so much fun!"  His happiness makes everything that much more enjoyable.  The circus is at the Allstate arena through November 11th and then it heads to the United Center from November 20th through December 1st.  Get your tickets here and don't forget to use the coupon code MOM so you can save 40% on weekday shows and 20% on weekend shows.  Parking is my favorite word, FREE!

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