Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day/Birthday/Friday

I need to start out by saying I am not anti Valentines Day. As a matter of fact I love it. The way I have celebrated has changed over the years but I still think it is great to have a day that celebrates love. Love with your boyfriend, husband, kids, family. Just love. You have to understand that my Valentine's Day is different from most people. It is my husbands birthday. No matter what day it falls on, Tuesday, Wednesday,Friday, its HIS birthday. I feel bad for anyone that has a birthday on a holiday because you are instantly out shined. So for that Valentine's is not Valentine's day in our house it is Daddy's Birthday.

On that note I want to give a PSA to all guys out there. Yes its valentine's Day so you should buy your girl flowers and take her to dinner. But is it really special? Not to me. Its an I have to because its a holiday. So do it yes, but my real note to you is do it other times too. A random Tuesday in April or a Thursday in September. Pick a day out of the blue to celebrate your loved one. Not an anniversary, or birthday or groundhogs day. Just some random day.

I have gotten flowers at work on Valentines and it is wonderful to feel acknowledged.  I still have the first rose my husband gave me 15 years ago.  The true gifts though I remember the most and still cherish were given to me out of the blue.  A random gift given.  No pressure on you because its a holiday.  Buy tulips for her because its spring or orchids because they are in season.  Bring over take out from her favorite restaurant and enjoy together at home just because.  These special moments mean so much more then flowers on valentines day.

One more note to guys. Flowers at work are awesome!  It is thrilling when the delivery guy comes in and every girl is wondering if they are for her and then he calls out the name.  And ten girls are instantly depressed.  But if they are for you it is pure awesomeness!  If you want to really wow her though, be the guy that shows up to her house waiting for her to leave in the morning for work at 7:30 a.m.  Ring her door bell valentines morning with a bouquet in hand and her day will be awesome from that time on.  And you will get a kiss, a kiss like none other.  Special.  It is all about making it special.  Even if you live together instead of just bringing flowers home or having them delivered make sure YOU are the delivery man.  The eye contact, blushing and kiss that follows is worth that extra effort.  

If you take anything away from this I hope it is that you buy her flowers. Valentines Day, March 14th, November 5th, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, just, because!  I know some guys need a harsh reminder thrown in their face but those sweet when evers mean more then anything else.  Trust me!  Wow your man/woman every day not just today.

Photo credit above is to be given to my friend Arwen Peszynski.  These are the beautiful flowers her wonderful man sent her today.  I hope everyone received a wonderful gift from a loved one today, flowers, food, a sweet embrace or just a simple I Love You!

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