Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for Helping to keep your Family Cold & Flu Free

With summer ending and the start of fall there are many changes that take place. Holidays approach us, the leaves change colors and the kids go back to school. One thing that goes hand and hand with the weather changing and a new school is the arrival of cold & flu season. This is one part of fall I can do without and I am sure you would like your family to avoid as well.

Here are some tips on how to help your family avoid the cold & flu season:

-Hand Sanitizer! A staple in my purse or car is always hand sanitizer. It is good before you eat, after school, or anytime hand washing is not feasible.

-Wash those hands. When at all possible make sure to was those hand before you eat, when you come home, even after you sneeze. Stop those germs dead in their tracks.

-Flu shots. I am one to avoid going to the doctor at all costs, especially for a flu shot. I do on the other hand make sure my children get their flu shot. Although it only protects against some strains it is well worth the effort to avoid passing the flu throughout your family.

-Sanitize. If someone in your family does get a cold or flu it is important to keep things sanitized. I personally like using Lysol sanitizing wipes. They are quick and easy and get the job done. Info about their great line of products can be found here.

-Quarantine & avoid. I will segregate sick family members and keep them away from healthy ones to help avoid the spread of sickness. I will also ask someone that is entering my home or around my family if they are sick at the first sign of sniffle or cough.

-Vitamins. I try, with the key word being try lol, to have members in my family take a vitamin everyday. I think this helps strengthen their immunity and give them a better chance against avoiding sickness.

-Eat healthy. With the arrival of cold and flu season we also try to eat healthier to keep our bodies awake. By adding more fresh fruits and veggies I think it makes us healthier all around. It also provides the energy to combat germs trying to invade our body.

Hopefully my tips help your family avoid one cold or flu sickness this season. I know that in my house mom isn't allowed to get sick but when daddy is sick he is the biggest baby of them all!

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