Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Natural Baby Products From Episencial

Thanks to Mommy Parties I was recently given the opportunity to try the new line of Episencial baby products along with a group of my friends. I was super excited because these products feature some of my favorite characters from Eric Carle!
I couldn't wait to test out their full line which includes, foaming wash, bubble bath, body butter, soothing cream, and sunscreen. I love that not only are their products all natural but they are eco-friendly as well. My favorite product by far is their soothing cream as my son has terribly dry skin and by using this product his skin has become soft and less irritated once again.
Everyone was thrilled to try out their products and they raved about the delicious scents the products have. You can find all of their products at Ulta and some Targets carry them as well. I will definitely be purchasing this for my future mamas as baby shower gifts!

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Sarah said...

I never heard of these, but they are so cute (I'm a sucker for Eric Carle stuff!). I'll have to check them out :)