Saturday, May 15, 2010

What My Mailman Brought me Today!

My mailman brought me lots of goodies today! I got my Kraft summer pack (no longer available) which had 3 snack bags of wheat thins, coupon for a free bottle of Kraft Olive Oil Mayo, Free coupon for Kraft Home style deluxe mac & cheese, a rebate for $10 when I purchase $30 worth of Kraft products and 3 samples of international delight vanilla caramel latte. I also got my monthly issue of Forbes (don't remember where I signed up for this) and a huge bottle of Neutrogena Ultra Gentle foaming Cleanser to test for Mindfield Online. You can sign up to do surveys for them here. I just love when the mailman brings me goodies instead of bills! Did you get your Kraft sample pack yet?

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